How to Get a Tenant Out of a Tenancy in Houston and Other Texas Cities

If you’re looking to get rid of your leasehold property, you’re not alone.Tenant protection in Texas has been a problem for a long time.In fact, it’s been around for decades.Tenants have long complained that their landlord didn’t take their complaints […]

Scotiabank’s IPO price will be around $2B, according to data

NEW YORK — Scotiabs IPO price is around $1.6 billion, according a Bloomberg report, while the company’s underlying valuation is expected to be $2.6B.Scully, one of the nation’s largest real estate investors, is currently in talks with private equity firms […]

Why is Lynx star Lynx ‘still trying to find her feet?’

Lynx singer Lynx has reportedly struggled to find a place to play with her fans since leaving a concert last month at the Phoenix Convention Center.A report by the Arizona Republic newspaper said Lynx, who has two Grammy Awards, was […]