Property for sale in Asheville’s most iconic building: ‘Vanity Fair’

Asheville, N.C. (AP) A real estate deal is under way for the former home of the National Rifle Association’s flagship magazine.The New Orleans-based Vanity Fair, which moved to its current location in downtown Asheville in 2012, is being purchased by […]

Real estate market in Arizona heats up as demand surges for ‘sad and beautiful’ homes

Real estate is heating up in Arizona and other parts of the country as demand for “sad” and “beautiful” homes surges.As the real estate market continues to struggle with a recession-induced slowdown in sales and rising unemployment, people are looking […]

This is the cheapest and most beautiful apartment in the U.S. – real estate consultant

The most expensive and luxurious apartments in the country are available to renters, but not everyone can afford them.That’s why real estate firm RealtyTrac has compiled a list of the top-rated apartments in America.These are some of the priciest apartments […]