‘I can’t believe he didn’t go to my house’: Man who lived next door to shooter in Boston ‘gives me a smile’

A man who lived in the Boston neighborhood of Scuttlebutt is now saying he’s grateful the gunman did not go to his home and kill his wife and daughter.Scott and Michelle Gelles were killed in the incident that has reignited […]

Real estate attorney: ‘The Trump administration is taking the most aggressive approach’ against ‘white supremacists’

A real estate attorney in Utah has filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration, arguing the administration has violated the Constitution by trying to “exclude” white supremacists from receiving federal financial aid.Attorney Jim Schlesinger filed the suit Wednesday in U.S. […]

How to Get a Tenant Out of a Tenancy in Houston and Other Texas Cities

If you’re looking to get rid of your leasehold property, you’re not alone.Tenant protection in Texas has been a problem for a long time.In fact, it’s been around for decades.Tenants have long complained that their landlord didn’t take their complaints […]