How to Get A Mortgage For Your New Home, With A Mortgage Company That’s Already Built It

In just three months, Manhattan realtor Josh Brown has sold three homes for $2.2 million each.Brown says the experience has changed his outlook on renting and helping others.“I realized that we can build these homes with no debt,” he says.“That’s […]

How to buy a house in Paris: Real Estate agency offers to buy you a condo

With its soaring, over-the-top buildings, Parisian streets and vibrant nightlife, Paris is no stranger to the idea of buying a condo.But before you can actually rent out your apartment to other locals, you have to actually get into the habit […]

Which Canadian real estate markets are going to hit the markets?

In Canada, home sales in the Greater Toronto Area and Toronto-Dominion Region, including Toronto-York Region, were flat or up 0.7% in the third quarter compared to the same period last year.Home sales in Greater Vancouver were up 0% compared to […]