Sedona real-estate spain home sold for $1.4M

Sedona, Ariz.

— The Sedona-based real-home real-equity firm that helped lure a home owner from California to Arizona for a year and a half was sold Tuesday for $900,000, or a little over $3 million, according to records and people familiar with the transaction.

The sale, which comes less than a year after the buyer moved in and sold their house, marks the end of a tumultuous five-month period that saw a flurry of activity that resulted in the closing of dozens of real-property deals in Arizona.

The deal is the latest development in a wave of real estate deals that have helped fuel a resurgence of the Arizona real estate market.

The buyer was a man named John F. Pomeroy.

His son, Matthew Pomeroys, was the agent who helped the Pomerotos purchase the house in Sedona from a seller named Andrew J. Leighton for $5.5 million in May 2016.

That sale was followed by a June 2016 sale of the house for $8.5.1 million to a man who bought it for $6.5M in January of this year.

In September of this 2016, the Pomersoys also purchased the house at 1216 N. Marcela Street in Sedna for $7.5MM.

That purchase was followed in September by a May 2016 sale for $3.5-million of the property at 1025 N. Mountain.

In December, the property was sold for more than $3M to a buyer who later bought it again for $2.7-million.

The Pomersetts also purchased a home in Sedanta for $4.5K in September of 2017.

On Thursday, the house was sold again for a price of $3,300,000.

In a news release, the Sedona Real Estate Trust said that Pomerottos family “had been able to get the right price for the home, which was well within the value range the seller had been offering.”

This sale is testament to the continued growth of the Sedna real estate scene,” the statement read.

The house is listed at $4,947,000 on the Arizona Real Estate Board website.