Phoenix Real Estate says it’s ‘ready to go’ for new home for former owner’s children

Phoenix Real Properties has said it will begin a search for a new home to house its former owners’ four children and that it is ready to go if that happens.

The family has lived in the family home in the town of Phipps since 2008.

Phoenix Real also owns the Phoenix Real estate office and the Phipp Valley Shopping Center.

Its website says it is looking for “a family to join our growing portfolio of Phoenix properties”.

The property’s owners, Phipp’s parents, did not respond to requests for comment.

The company has built more than 60 properties in Arizona and has a portfolio of more than 2,500.

The property is owned by the family who live in Phipp.

“We are pleased that the family is excited to be moving into a new Phoenix home, and we are looking forward to welcoming them to the Phoenix area,” said Mark Gossett, the company’s president and chief executive.

Read morePhoenix Real Properties said the company is “working with our team to find the right home for the family”.

The family has owned the property since 2008, and the family has worked hard to preserve its character.

They have worked to create a space that was designed by local architect and designer Chris Bowerman, who has worked in Phoenix for more than 25 years.

Phoenix Real is also renovating the house where the family lives and is looking at renovations to the main entrance.

It is not clear when or where the property will be used.

Last month, the Phoenix real estate company’s website said that it would not be selling the property.

Phipp, a town of just over 10,000 people in the Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale metropolitan area, is home to the University of Arizona, the Arizona Cardinals football team, the Phistols soccer team and the Phoenix Cardinals baseball team.

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