When Cabela`s Home sells online for $1,000: Where will you buy it?

Real estate prices have hit a record high.

The median price of a home in California is $1.6 million, according to data compiled by real estate firm Trulia.

The national median price is $738,000.

A lot of these prices are driven by the trend of homebuyers buying out of the market, Trulia reports.

The trend is a big reason why the median price per square foot for a single-family home has risen over the past three years to $8,000, from $5,400 in 2014.

Here are some of the places you can expect to see a major increase in home prices in the next few years.


Chicago area: The median home price in the city of Chicago is now $1 million, Trumulia reports, and the average price per unit is up 8.9 percent over last year.

The city has been home to many tech-savvy millennials, but this could be a real estate boon for many other young people.

Chicago has seen a rapid rise in the number of millennials buying homes in the last year, and some of them have purchased properties at a discount to their original purchase price.

According to Trulia, Chicago home prices have risen 27.3 percent in the past year, from a median of $959,000 in 2014 to a median price in 2018 of $1 Million.


Austin, Texas: The Austin-based real estate company Trulia has just released its first-quarter 2017 Home Price Report, which is out Tuesday.

According the report, Austin-area home prices are up 27.1 percent from the same time last year and are on pace to be the most expensive metropolitan area in the country.

Trulia estimates that the median home value in Austin is $2.8 million, and that a typical home would cost $3,000 more.

Trumura reports that Austin has seen an average increase in sales per capita of 2.5 percent from last year to 2017, and has experienced the fastest-rising number of new home sales since 2009.

Trubas report also shows that the Austin-Texas area is home to one of the highest median home prices per square feet in the nation, at $1.,946.

Trumbo says Austin-related home sales have been on a tear for the past two years, and sales are expected to reach $3.2 billion this year.


Las Vegas: The Vegas-based home-buying company Trumula says Las Vegas home prices rose 8.3 percentage points last year from the previous year, to an average of $2,636 per square meter.

This year the average home price is set to increase 3.3 points, from the $1 in 2018, and Trumuli predicts that sales will increase another 1.7 percent.

Las Vlans home prices were up 24.1 percentage points from a year ago to reach an average price of $3 million, up from $2 million last year as more young people were turning to the city for the opportunity to purchase their first home.

Trumbula predicts that home prices will rise 2.3 times next year, which should put Las Vegas on track to be one of America’s most expensive cities for home sales.


Orlando, Florida: Home prices in Orlando are now at an all-time high, Trumba reports.

TrUMULA expects that home sales will continue to grow this year, reaching $4.3 billion in 2017, Trubula says.

Orlando-based buyers have been driving the market growth, and are expected in 2017 to sell $3 billion of homes.

Trummulus is projecting that Orlando will surpass the national average for home prices this year at $4,092 per square inch, and is expected to surpass the previous record price of the city at $3 Million in 2018.


Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina: North Carolina-based Trulia expects that the Raleigh-Durham area home price growth will continue this year to reach more than $6 billion.

The average home in the Raleigh area is now expected to be $1 to $2 Million, Trummulas report says.

Truman says that Raleigh-durham is seeing record growth in new home purchases, with sales expected to jump 20.5 percentage points to $4 billion.

Trurms average home prices last year were $1M.

Trumer is also forecasting that Raleigh will surpass Orlando as the state with the most new home construction.


Boston, Massachusetts: Boston-area real estate is up 22.1% from last season, Trumer says, and home sales are forecast to increase 7.6 percent this year from last.

The number of home sales is up 15.3% from the year before, and there are now more than 2.4 million new home listings