How to sell your estate online

AUSTRALIA’s largest estate agents are on the hunt for buyers after the federal government’s government-funded national online sales program fell flat.

As of Friday, the online sales platform Avondale Estate Sales Australia has been operating at a loss of more than $600,000, according to the company’s managing director, Michael De Silva.

“It’s been a tough few weeks for us as we’ve been dealing with the fallout of the budget,” Mr De Silva said.

“We’ve lost all our clients and we’re in a bit of a hole.”

The Government has given us so much cash to do what we’ve done with our clients.

“But now that it’s all over, we’re really starting to feel the pain.”

Mr De Silva told ABC Radio Adelaide the company was “absolutely shocked” by the failure of the online sale program.

“Our clients have been in shock and a lot of them have been crying,” he said.

Mr De Silit said the company had lost “millions of dollars” in sales and was “very distressed” by what it had been through.

“They’re looking for help to get their estates back into a position that’s stable and that they can actually manage,” he told ABC radio.

“So that’s the real question.”AAP/ABC