Trump, Clinton, Biden in Virginia for second debate

The vice presidential candidates are scheduled to make their second official campaign appearance in the battleground state on Sunday.

Trump is campaigning in Roanoke, Virginia, with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

He will be joined by former Gov.

Jim Gilmore and Democratic U.S. Sen. Ben Cardin, according to a campaign press release.

Both Clinton and Biden have been criticized by Trump for not holding their first debate in the state on Oct. 9.

Both Trump and Biden are scheduled for the vice presidential debate on Oct: 9, with Biden appearing later in the evening.

Trump, who has been in a relatively good relationship with the Virginia Democratic Party, will hold a rally at the state capitol in Roane on Sunday evening, the campaign said.

The rally is expected to draw about 1,000 people, the statement said.

Biden will also hold a town hall meeting with people at the Statehouse later Sunday, the Clinton campaign said in a statement.

The candidates are expected to appear on the stage at 8 p.m.

Eastern time on ABC News’ “This Week” program.