The 10 Best Real Estate Agents in Europe

The real estate market is changing fast, and that means that many agents have been busy selling homes.

But many agents are doing their best to be a little more proactive.

Here are 10 agents who are doing just that.1.

Joe GrazianoReal Estate Agent, Brooklyn Joe Gros, has been with the agency since 2008.

He grew up in Brooklyn, and says he knows his way around the city well.

“My dad and my brother grew up and went to school in Brooklyn,” he says.

“They were all in the real estate business.

So when I came to New York, I wanted to become a real estate agent and be a real-estate agent that was different.

That’s where I ended up.2.

“The agents are professionals, so I have a deep understanding of their business.”3. “

I have a lot of friends who work in the business,” he explains.

“The agents are professionals, so I have a deep understanding of their business.”3.

Tom GrazianniReal Estate, LondonTom Graziani, a former real estate broker, has more than 30 years of real estate management experience.

His agency, GraziRealms, has offices in London, New York and Dubai.

“Real estate is my passion,” he shares.

“You can’t be a broker if you’re not a realty agent.”4.

David DeMartiniReal Estate Agents, MiamiDavid DeMartinis is a seasoned real estate executive.

His real estate agency, DeMartinis Real Estate, is located in Miami, Florida.

He says that the agency is a great fit for all ages.

“It’s a great place for younger agents to grow,” he adds.

“As a younger agent, you’re getting a lot more exposure to agents.

We’re a little older than most real estate agencies, but the people here are all older.”5.

Adam SiegelReal Estateagent, AtlantaAdam Siegel, a realtors association board member, is a former broker and realtor who grew up as a kid in Atlanta.

He tells the New York Post that his experience with real estate in Atlanta and New York has prepared him to become an agent.

“We’re a real family,” he notes.

“Our family values real estate and real estate associates.

I’m a realist.

We know the market and we know how to manage it.

I think our clients are well-informed, and we don’t make them think twice about it.”6.

Joe VickersReal EstateAgent, New OrleansJoe Vickers is the owner and director of Vickers Real Estate Agency in New Orleans.

“Being a real agent is like having your own real estate office,” he tells the Post.

“When I’m working, I’m doing it the old-fashioned way, from my office to the client’s house.”7.

Ryan SextonReal Estate Manager, AtlantaRyan Sexton, a partner in the Atlanta real estate company, is one of the country’s best real estate professionals.

He is currently a partner with the firm and is a member of the realtorial board.

“If you have a real life, you don’t really know who to contact,” he stresses.

“To me, being a real real estate professional is about knowing your market.

I’ve worked in the industry for 10 years.

I understand what it takes to get people to buy, and I know how important it is to make sure your agents are there to support your business.”8.

Chris EganReal Estate and Landlord, BrooklynChris Egan is a New York real estate lawyer, real estate portfolio manager and realtor.

He started working in real estate law in 2002 and is currently managing a real property portfolio of more than $1 billion.

“This is the first time I’ve been in real life,” he jokes.

“But it’s not a shock to me.”9.

Chris SchoenReal Estate Specialist, Brooklyn Chris Schonert has been real estate for 22 years and has been a real owner for nearly 20 years.

“Working with realtresses is the best way to learn about real estate,” he admits.

“Many agents have never met a real house until they see one on TV.

I have no idea who a real tenant is, so it’s fun to meet a real landlord.

I love seeing a new house on the market.

Real estate agents need to know how they are connected to the real-world.”10.

Paul McKeownReal Estate Executive, New JerseyPaul McKeowy is the president of the National Real Estate Association and the president and CEO of the Real Estate Council of New Jersey.

He’s also the owner of Real Estate Solutions in New Jersey and a realestate broker with multiple locations.

He told the Post that the real