US: 2.2 million homes sold in April 2017

4,923 homes sold across the US in April, according to the Real Estate Board of Greater New York (REBUY), which is the largest data source for the industry.

That’s up from the previous month, when 2.18 million homes were sold.

The real estate board reported that sales were up 15.7% from the year before, and were up 12.7%.

“This is an important milestone for the homebuilder sector and our industry as a whole,” said RebuYard CEO Jim Cossins.

“The U.S. continues to be the top destination for homebuyers in the world, and this growth continues to build on the momentum we’ve seen over the last two years.”

With more than 1.2 billion homes sold last year, this is a strong indication of the tremendous potential this industry has to continue to grow in the years ahead.

“More:The US saw a 3.1% increase in housing sales last month, according the REBUY data.

But this year’s increase is much higher: in April of 2017, the US saw an increase of 4.1%.

RebuYards president and CEO Tom Hays said this was the biggest monthly increase in sales in US history, adding: “This shows the continued strong momentum the industry is experiencing in a growing market.”

The REBUYS data shows a rise in sales across the country, with a rise of 1,700 homes for every 1,000 homes sold, which is down from 1,900 homes per 1,00,000 in April last year.

That’s down from 2,000 per 1.00,0000 in April this year.

In April, home sales increased by a whopping 20% in the Northeast and Midwest.

But sales are down in the South, which saw a 4.9% increase.

But sales across all of the US have risen by about 1,100 homes per 100,000.

That means that more homes are being built every month.

And in the Midwest, which has traditionally seen the highest demand for homebuilders, the sales of homes for sale have increased by more than 50%.

The REBOYS data also shows that homebuilding is up across the board, with new listings up by nearly 20% compared to the previous year.

The number of new homes for $100 million or more has also risen by almost 10%.

The homebuilding sector in the US has seen a surge in the last year thanks to Trump’s policies, with the President’s approval rating up from 40% in January to 54% in April.

But some analysts have warned that the Trump administration’s economic policies could make it harder for homebuilding to take off in the near future.