How can I get into a real estate deal?

Real estate agents have a lot of explaining to do.

The average listing price in the United States for a home is $2.8 million, according to the National Association of Realtors, so how can an individual, a family, or even a business go from there? 

The best advice comes from real estate agents themselves. 

According to the NAR, if you have a large home, then you need to be careful about what you’re buying. 

“Homebuyers who are looking to make a home purchase, particularly young buyers and the first-time homebuyers, should always consider what kind of home they want,” says Tom Mielke, vice president of real estate for Miele Associates, a real-estate research firm. 

To find a good price, Mielkes team uses a variety of sources, including home sales data, real estate brokers, real-time data from online platforms, and real-world examples. 

Mielke says he looks for a house that has at least three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a garage. 

He also likes a home that has “two bathrooms and a large walk-in closet.” 

If you don’t want to make an investment decision based on a house, he says, “it’s really important to look at the surrounding neighborhood.” 

For a home with more than three bedrooms or two bathrooms and no walk-ins, the Mielkes suggest buying a house with a walk-out closet.

“If you have more than two bathrooms that are in one area, it’s better to go for a walkout closet,” Mielka says. 

For homes with a large garage, the best time to look is when you have an abundance of parking spaces.

Mielkas team also looks for homes that have an exterior lot that is more than one bedroom and a basement that is larger than three. 

Another factor to look for in real estate deals is how much cash the seller is willing to offer.

“There are very few properties out there that are as expensive as the value of the house itself,” Mienke says.

“When you’re looking for an offer that you can get, it really comes down to how much you can offer.” 

Mienke recommends looking for a listing with a “good value” in the middle of the auction process. 

The real-life example of the Mieles family buying a $2 million home from a home-buying site is an interesting one. 

In October 2016, the couple was searching for a place to live in Scottsdale, Arizona, when they stumbled across the website of a seller who advertised a house for $2,095,000. 

But the seller was offering just $1,950,000 for the house, a difference of $300,000 over the listing price. 

They decided to check out the home, which they paid $3,200,000 to buy in January 2017. 

After looking at the property for a couple months, they decided to give the home a little bit of a makeover. 

When they finished looking at it, they noticed a lot more room in the living room, with the kitchen, living room and living room bedroom. 

This is where the family decided to purchase a second home for the couple. 

Their new home is a six-bedroom, four-bathroom house with two bedrooms and three bathrooms. 

One of the key selling points to Mielkee’s real estate team is that they try to do everything possible to make their listing as accessible as possible. 

With all of the information available online, the real-home team is able to offer the best prices, and make the sale as simple as possible for prospective buyers. 

Find out how Mielkoes team works with the real estate industry to make sure the listings they publish are up to the standard of quality and value.

“Our job is to be the first to sell a house and to get the best price for that house,” Mieke says, adding that the team is constantly looking for ways to improve their listing. 

What is the real world example of a family looking to buy a home?

In November 2015, the family was looking for somewhere to live after being laid off from a local restaurant. 

 After working at a restaurant for a while, the young family decided it was time to move out of the restaurant and get a new place to call home. 

And when they started looking for that new place, they realized they had a lot to do with the current mortgage situation in the area. 

So they decided they needed to get a mortgage from an online broker. 

A real estate agent and his team worked closely with the family to make the purchase, and then they looked for a bank that would help them pay off their mortgage. 

Since they have a mortgage on their home,