How to Get A Mortgage For Your New Home, With A Mortgage Company That’s Already Built It

In just three months, Manhattan realtor Josh Brown has sold three homes for $2.2 million each.

Brown says the experience has changed his outlook on renting and helping others.

“I realized that we can build these homes with no debt,” he says.

“That’s what I’ve been doing for a long time.

That’s the kind of thing I was hoping to do with the [Manhattan] property, and I just couldn’t find a better place to build it.”

But before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you have the proper paperwork and know your rights.

“You’re not buying it for yourself, you’re buying it to help someone else,” says Brown.

“The process has made me think more about how we should use this [property] as a platform for people to get out of debt and build wealth for themselves.”

Brown’s first mortgage came in 2017 when he bought his first home, a two-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn.

He’s been building the same model for several properties across the city, and his new Manhattan apartment is the first to feature a full-service interior.

The apartments are priced to match their neighbors, and Brown says he can afford to pay his bills with a loan, a mortgage, and a little help from his family.

“If I had been working at a job, my wife and I would have been broke,” he explains.

“But we didn’t have a car and I don’t need a car.

So this is the most comfortable, well-managed apartment we’ve ever had.”

Brown says his first two properties are now in the process of being sold to buyers.

He plans to expand his portfolio and offer new homes to more people in the future.

And while he’s not building all his properties in one go, he’s starting to take a break from selling.

“With this property I’ve built, I’m not just looking at one,” he admits.

“This is a building of a house and it’s not a house for me to go buy.”

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