How to buy a house in Paris: Real Estate agency offers to buy you a condo

With its soaring, over-the-top buildings, Parisian streets and vibrant nightlife, Paris is no stranger to the idea of buying a condo.

But before you can actually rent out your apartment to other locals, you have to actually get into the habit of actually renting out your apartments.

That’s exactly what a real estate agency is offering to do for you right now, if you’re looking to purchase a French home in Paris.

The agency is currently offering to buy your first-floor flat in Paris for around 300,000 euros (roughly $360,000).

That’s more than twice the price of a typical first-level apartment in Paris, according to The Local.

But you won’t need to get an investment loan to do this, as the price is still affordable to the average person, as long as you have a certain income.

In fact, the agency is now also offering to pay you a deposit on the first floor of your apartment, which is normally reserved for a first-time buyer.

This deposit is paid in cash, so if you can’t find a bank willing to take the money, you could even be asked to pay a large amount in taxes on top of the deposit.

If you’re not a bank customer, you can still buy your apartment outright, but the rental contract will include a clause allowing you to pay for a down payment in the form of a cash deposit.

So if you’d like to buy out your first apartment in France, you’ll have to make the commitment to pay back the cash deposit, and to pay rent on the property.

While it’s not a great deal, it’s still an incentive to buy one of Paris’s best-known apartments.

The property is a former residence for the French dictator Nicolas Sarkozy, who served from 2006 to 2017 before being elected president of France in 2017.

According to the Parisian weekly Le Monde, he purchased his first apartment for 300,400 euros in 2012, and has since renovated it several times.

But the current property, which was sold for 565,000 euro in 2015, has remained the same since.

If that sounds like a lot of money to you, you should definitely get in touch with a realtor to find out more about the potential deal.

You can also rent out an apartment in the French capital, but you’ll probably need to pay some taxes.