Which city is most likely to sell off its real estate?

Real estate lawyer Andrew Laitin said Toronto was a clear favorite to sell at the end of March.

Laitout said Toronto has been “pretty successful” selling its housing stock in recent years, with a number of new condo developments coming online in recent months.

He said it’s easy to sell a home in Toronto because it’s in the midst of the biggest economic boom in the city’s history.

Laxin said if the city is forced to sell, it would be an opportunity for new buyers and a strong market for those who want to live in the downtown core.

The real estate market in Toronto, though, has been hard hit by the global recession, which has cut home prices and made it harder for people to buy and sell.

But Laitlin said Toronto’s real estate stock has been strong and that he doesn’t expect to see a dramatic drop.

“It’s not a big deal for Toronto, it’s a big problem for the rest of the world,” Laitins said.

“I think they’re going to keep building.

If it’s sold, it will be a disaster for the city.””

If Toronto goes, the rest can’t take it.

If it’s sold, it will be a disaster for the city.”