5 tips to help you find the perfect real estate agent in Montana

Montana real-estate broker David W. O’Keefe has a unique perspective on what to look for in real estate agents in Montana.

The author of The Real Estate Guide to Montana explains how real estate brokers can help you save money and save time.

Here are five tips to get you started.


Make sure you’re getting what you pay for When you search for real estate in Montana, you’ll see a wide variety of different property types.

If you’re looking for something specific, such as a house or condo, you might see prices for it listed on a property-management website such as Real Estate Agent.

Or, if you’re just looking for a property, you may see prices listed on the real estate board of a local real estate broker.

“If you are looking for specific properties, then the real-tourist website would be a good first step to finding a real-tor or real-business agent,” says O’Keefe.

Real-tours also are a great way to get a sense of a property’s character and history, he says.


Ask for a reference If you want to buy a property or take a property for a tour, you should do your homework on the property.

If the property is listed on an online real-time bidding system, like Trulia, you can find out what the market is like and what is currently available.


Look for a quote You might also want to check out a property that has a real estate listing and ask the property manager for a specific quote.

If it is listed in a local paper, you will also want a reference from the property owner or a realtor.


Ask about the history of the property The property owner’s history with the realtors and the property management company will help you understand if the property was owned before or after the listing was made.


Look at the properties in the area This is where real estate companies usually find their clients.

If a property is in a new development, or a neighborhood where there is a large number of apartments, a lot of people may move in to a property before the realtor’s sales start.

“This is where you are most likely to find the realty agent,” O’DeKeefe says.

“They will often come to the property with the owner’s phone number.”