Which are the best luxury homes in the UK?

We’re all used to thinking of the best places to live in the world, but there are some places we simply can’t live.

We’ve chosen the most affordable properties in the capital city for our top 10 luxury homes.1.

House on the Park Lane in Hampstead2.

Westbourne in Bristol3.

Alderley Heath in London4.

The Park Lane, Hampstead5.

The Lighthouse in Kent6.

North Kensington in London7.

West End in London8.

Wandsworth in London9.

The Old Bailey in London10.

Tower Hamlets in London1.

Bicester, Bicester2.

Crouch End, Crouch3.

Dixwell, Dixway4.

Green Lane, Green Lane5.

Leytonstone, Leyton3.

The Docklands, Docklands4.

White Hart Lane, White Hart6.

Kensington Gardens, Kensington7.

Kings Road, Kings Road8.

Pimlico, Pimlfo9.

Parson’s Green, Parson Street10.

The O2 in London